Crypto Tales: Vaibhav Oberoi's Success Story with Cryptocurrency
I'm a simple guy who is pursuing his graduation from DU. I was surviving on pocket money given to me by my parents and life was all right. I never had any complaints. But then, my cousin introduced me to Cryptocurrency and my life changed forever.
I was an amateur in the beginning and thought that the cryptocurrency market would never go down. I was naive if not anything else. I entered the market during its bull run and made a good amount of money. But all hell broke loose when the market started to fall.
I invested 19K in December 2017, which soon went up to 42.5K in no time. And by March 2018, I was left with 2.5K! I was heartbroken, sure. But I never gave up.

I analysed my situation, thought deeply about my mistakes, and realized that the lack of research and lack of enough knowledge about the cryptocurrency market were the reasons for my downfall. Without wasting anymore time, I started researching more. I read graphs, about market caps, trustworthy coins, and different methods of trading.

I started setting price alerts, researched more, kept track of the trends, and worked harder than ever. Slowly and steadily I started to make up for everything I'd lost. After about 7 to 8 months, I reached my target in January 2019. I had reached from 2.5K to 19K! A whopping 660% profit!
As of now my crypto wallet is worth around 210K, which is around 1005% of my initial investment of 19K.
My journey has been very interesting and the most important lesson I've learnt is that the secret to being successful from a trading perspective is to have an indefatigable and an undying and unquenchable thirst for information and knowledge.
I'm proud of having done well even when the market was falling. All you need are patience and the willingness to learn. Never lose hope. Learn, improvise, and adapt. Keep going no matter what.
Thank you.
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